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May 11, 2021
Thank you for allowing me to join this group. We had a Yellow Nape Parrot for over 34 years and we got him at about 3 months old. We miss him dearly. He was a fabulous talker and enjoyed the hectic, crazy antics of dogs, cats and 4 kids growing up! Needless to say, it is very quiet even though my kids are grown now, they are always here ( I'm a lucky mom)!
One of the reasons I wanted to join, is because I would like to get another parrot and was hoping for some expert reliable guidance.
I am considering another Amazon or maybe even an African Grey. I'm not sure I want another yellow nape because I don't want to compare him to the one we lost. I am leaning towards the African Grey but I am really worried with my barking dogs that it will become stressed and pluck his feathers.
My bird was never DNA sexed but we were told it was a male. My bird had some aggressive times that he didn't want to be handled, which I read was common in males. If this is true, do I want a male or a female? Please help. I know this is a long term commitment and I want to be well informed. TIA


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Aug 2, 2018
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Welcome to the forum. I can understand not wanting to get a parrot that reminds of a loved lost.

There are so many parrots getting re homed, you never know one might the one ment for you. Manny are sold on Craigslist. Often times stuff just happens and tgey can't keep. Or they haven't been spending time with tgrm and tgey are a nit of a mess. I thi k its always worth a look..
As far as what parrot, I'd just let yiur heart guide you.


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Jul 10, 2015
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First, I'm very sorry for your loss! Their leaving comes with such deep hurt as they create such large places in our heart!

As an individual that have a lifetime with an Amazon. You have learned the importance of understanding their body language and as a result, I would recommend that you again open your heart to another Amazon! But this time a bit different, consider an older Amazon, one a bit North of 10+ years old. As you know, by that age, they have past into Adulthood.

This time, 'Let the Amazon Choose YOU! Whether it is a Yellow-Nape, or any of the other species in the huge family of Amazona! Do not limit yourself as the Amazon that chooses you will be a totally different Amazon regardless of their species.

Enjoy this process of allowing an Amazon to Choose You!


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Aug 21, 2010
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My condolences for the loss of your Yellow Nape.

My only experience with amazons is a male blue front, most definitely capable of aggression. I certainly understand your desire for something a bit different. Greys have unique sensitive personalities so I'd recommend deep research before making a decision. Cag 101 is a terrific peak behind the curtain of life with one of the most intelligent parrots:


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Feb 6, 2010
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Hello and welcome!

I fully understand not wanting to compare and frankly, wanting to try something different. I’m the same way: I’m someone who wants variety, I have a Prius now, and would NOT want to get another Prius, I want to try a convertible next. I can’t have the same car back to back.

I think Scott is picking up on something I’m picking up: I’m not sure a grey is right for you. I’m not sure what’s giving me that impression, but greys can be very phobic and need work to overcome those fears. I feel like you need something more outgoing. The fear of starting plucking also isn’t a healthy place to begin a search (I should know - I started there myself before I got my plucked eclectus, you realize plucking is an extreme where if it’s not naturally from hormones, something REALLY wrong happened that you should be able to correct).

Have you given any thoughts to macaws? Particularly some of the smaller species like red fronted macaws which have some of the best temperaments. Also are about the same sized as your yellow napes but with longer tails.

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