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Jul 22, 2021
Good morning!
I just joined this forum, as I recently acquired a new baby quaker parrot. I found that she wasn't really eating anything even after the first few days. She only would eat the very tiny seeds from the seed mix that I would give her and wasn't eating any of the pellets or any veggies or fruits I was giving her. She would also flutter her wings a lot. Unfortunately, after I purchased her, the breeder from where I purchased her stopped responding to my messages. I took her to the vet and he said she's very underweight only at 73g and may or may not be ill. I bought her understanding that she is hand fed and weaned. The website stated these babies are 10-12 weeks old. The vet suggested we give her baby food and gave me a probiotic powder to add to it to help her get more nutrients and fight off any possible illnesses and told me that she's probably cold because of lack of weight. I moved her cage to a smaller room and added a space heater to warm her up which definitely seemed to help. I bought her the Kaytee hand feeding food and began hand feeding her with a syringe which she definitely is eating now and is up to 78g. She still hates to come out of her cage and doesn't seem interested in any of the other food or water. She'll nibble a bit on some millet but otherwise just stands on her perch. Any suggestions as to how and when to wean her off the baby food? And how to get her to want to come out of her cage? I've been forcing her out just to weigh her every morning. Any suggestions would help! Thank you!
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Jul 14, 2017
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Quakers initially are hand get her out of cage I found covering my hands with the cuffs of my bird pullovers she was much more comfortable with the approach..

Now....I can't get her to leave my hands alone, I have no fingernails to open packages and every hangnail is a target so once they get used to hands...(sctritchy) they really love them.

Use sleeves to draw them out at first covering hands.
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