new recipe attempt... sweet potato breadish stuff


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Oct 15, 2013
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Well, today was a let's experiment kinda day...

I had a big bowl of leftover bird food from when we dump bowls. I usually toss it out to the birds, but not sure why we have not had too many feathered visitors outside lately... We usually have starlings at least year round. So, the food has really piled up. I decided to put it thru the nutribullet to make a 'flour' to use as a birdie bread experiment....

I used the bread machine to make a loaf to send over to the shelter with Victoria... I used a prepared bread machine mix, then pump in a cup or so of the food mix and a couple handfuls of unpulverized food :) Wasn't sure how well it would cook up with the extra dry ingredients so I added an extra 1/3 cup of water. When it was done seemed a little heavy and wet, so sliced it open and put it in the oven to cook it a little drier. Overall that came out not too bad. Not nearly enough to feed all the shelter birds, but we joked Victoria could just pic out her favorites... my guess is that Max the B&G is gonna have a loaf to himself! Here is a pic of that...

Now onto the real experiment. I had picked up sweet potatoes for the birds and just decided to do something different. So cooked them so I could puree them (love my nutribullet), threw in a banana that was getting soft too. Added quinoa flakes and the food 'flour' until it was really thick kinda like a bread dough. Mixed in coconut too. I spread it onto a baking stone covered with parchment and pressed some cinnamon sticks into the top before throwing it in the oven....

First thing for everyone... Don't use whole sticks like I did... They don't get any softer when baked :) Had to use my husband's cutters to snipe those suckers they were still so hard!! I handed out some to all the birds... Ivory very rudely picked up each piece out of her bowl and tossed it flying, yes she has no manners, apparently her mother never taught her to appreciate when someone cooks for her and to at least try a bite.... Folger loves it, even took bites of while I held it for him without trying to chew my fingers off instead (don't think too much, he still tries to eat me when he's out of the cage). The cockatiels like it as well, but they eat anything!!! Waiting to see what the sun and GCCs eat... so it seems to be at least approved by half the birds! Was just random throw it in the bowl to try to use the leftover over bird foods. Here is a pic of that... it really is a pretty icky color, but guess when you mix orange and greenish food flour this is what you get!!! Not nearly as pretty as April's quiches!!!



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Jul 12, 2012
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Looks like great birdie bread for your flock:)

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