Nightmare side of breeding (Graphic ugly)


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Dec 28, 2014
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Really not sure how to write this, but I feel a need to do so!
Puppies are so precious! I can remember as far back as 6 years old, helping moms and their pups! Out of all the litters, never a problem! Our wonderful Tater decided to go into labor a couple of days early! Four beautiful, perfect puppies (Shiba Inu), later, everyone is doing well! Being 1AM, with no sleep from the night before, we set up a watch schedule. My daughter(Heather) had the first shift! Two hours later, I wake to hysterical screaming! Heather had dozed off less than ten minutes! She was sleeping in a kiddie pool with them and woke to a half eaten baby! One other gone! Through a nightmare of events, one more pup was attacked! A single bite and this little one had both chest cavities punctured!
At the ER, Heather wants everything attempted! But, at 5 hours old, there are no pain meds, anesthesia, or antibiotics possible! This little girl had a collapsed lung and air pockets in her abdomen and chest, soon to become septic! It really is hard to kill such a precious little one!
Reasons for this? There are many probabilities! Tater is young, first litter! The birthing was a circus! Three cameras, two FaceTime calls, four adults, two very active toddlers! All wrong, but I was overruled!
How is Tater? Extremely upset over not being able to find or see her pups, now one! Tater is an incredibly wonderful dog who feels I am her world! Over the next few days, I was her grieving counselor! Heather and Tater are now back home in South Florida, pup here! Into day four feeding pup, a very strong little girl!
Unfortunately, Heather entered into this as a ‘simple’ way to make a lot of $$! Shiba’s are extremely valuable! Knowing the mistakes made and who was responsible for this horror is hard! All of us!
Obviously, this little one will never leave the family! We will never attempt to breed Tater again, I will make sure of that!
For me? It is what it is! I’m having a bit of a hard time to deal with anyone at the moment, but, again, it is what it is!

No nice way to end this!
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Oct 27, 2016
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geez I get that. One of the first new litters I worked with was a preemie litter, I posted about it here but I think I left put that the mom had eaten one of the pups. (we arent sure if he passed naturally or what. he was small and weak so it could be either way) it was rough. I've seen a lot of new litters at this point and theres been difficulties. One puppy with a cleft palette that didnt make it, a puppy that got stepped on (by the mother) that didnt make it, a puppy that just seemed off from birth that ended up passing for no apparent reason. Puppy stuck in birth canal that come out pretty much dead that thank God we were able to resuscitate and is turning 8 weeks tomorrow healthy and strong. His name is Ducky. Just this Saturday we had a really rough labor. First puppy was born in the yard while trying to take mom on a potty trip. 2nd came 3 hours later which is not normal or good but is healthy. 3rd puppy was born 2 and a half hours later and in the yard again (she wasnt really having contractions unless we were walking her around. 4th puppy came out smoothly 40 minutes later (a normal window of time). we were in contact with the vet and ready to take her in at like every puppy but then she'd birth them and theyd be okay so the clock would reset. Her last litter she birthed 6 puppies in 3 hours. So this was far from normal for her. All 4 pups are healthy though thankfully. Breeding is not an easy job and definitely not a quick $$ if you're doing it right.

edit: I'd also like to note that all of the instance above except for the preemie litter and the cleft palette puppy these were not first litters and from experienced moms that had previous litters with no issue. Stuff happens and despite our best efforts sometimes puppies are lost and its heartbreaking. we have tons of equipment to help weak puppies but sometimes theres nothing we can do
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Aug 21, 2010
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David, thanks for posting a strong reminder Mother Nature can be extraordinarily cruel. Breeding for $ fraught with disappointment and I remain horrified humans concoct all manner of "designer dogs," some requiring artificial insemination to conceive and surgery to deliver! (I know this is extreme, not the case with Shibas)

Kudos for grief counseling to family, be kind to yourself as well My Friend.

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