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Feb 21, 2021
Hello, Working in Saudi and I miss my Amazon. I know of this compound that has basically a little zoo with a number of birds that have either been rescued or taken in when their Expat owners left the kingdom. I go there occasionally to see and talk with the parrots and birds. They are all outside and the larger birds are in individual cages. Today when I was there the African Grey was closer to the side of the cage and I was taking to him. He or she is very calm and looks great. I noticed though on his one nostril is what looks like some growth or something pretty much obstructing his nostril. I was wondering if other members have an idea what this could be? If he requires a vet visit I would be willing to pay for it if required. He is a beautiful bird and all the birds, and we are talking maybe 40 (10 parrots) sr all pretty well taken care of.
Another item to note, there are multiple geese, Guinea’s, ducks etc who are roaming around this area also. It is outdoor with a fabric covering over the facility. Attached are a few photos. I would like to help this beautiful bird.


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Jul 10, 2015
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Clearly a growth, what type will require that it is tested by removing it and sending it into a Lab. Knowing that Avian Vets are very rare in Saudi, looking for what is referred to as a Farm Animal (Large Animal) Vet could do this work as long as they work with Farm Birds. Saudi has Raptor Vets, but they commonly will not work with any other Avians. The work needs to be handled by a professional as having the knowledge to stop bleeding (if it starts) is very important.

Thank you for care!!
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Apr 25, 2020
That is really strange. I would partly wonder if this could be skin or keratin hypertrophy due to some irritation in the nostril? Could also be an actual tumor or maybe a fungal growth? Or, most likely, a wart-like growth from one of a few viruses.

But it’s something that I would not mess with myself as it’s large and could bleed a lot (being on the face).

I don’t know if this could be treated with something like a wart remover. (I was trying to have a look at the other nostril but the photo did not allow a good view.). I thought the other nostril might be a bit large and so was wondering if he had an infection or irritation that went awry. ??

Not something anyone would want to fuss with as it could bleed a lot and would need to be cauterized or managed. It may not NEED to be removed if it isn’t causing him trouble with feeding or breathing.

If you help this bird please let us know. I am sad that (sailboat says) a raptor vet would not treat this bird for free. These problems happen with raptors as well as parrots!
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