Ontario... beak trimming a difficult Kakariki


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Jan 24, 2020
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My Kakariki has stopped trimming his beak recently and its growing and growing, Im going to have to deal with it... option 1 have a avian vet trim it. option 2 I trim it. I don't like either of these options!

Living in the boonies of southern Ontario its a trek for everything, especially for a vet that has bird experience. the University of Guelph has a bird centre but thats a 4 hour round trip that I would prefer not to put the Kakariki through such a large journey.

***is there a vet or other experience bird person in London, Woodstock, Simcoe area that anyone can recommend? google isn't getting me far.

***what luck have people had trimming their own bird, especially one that will not allow himself to be touched?


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Jul 10, 2015
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Stopped Trimming Beak?

Commonly Parrots will naturally rub their beaks on different surfaces to clean it after eating or to smooth areas that have chipped or flacked as a result of natural growth.

Some Parrot's nails and beak grow faster for any number of reasons and as a result, some individuals will add surfaces /perches that have a 'sandpaper' like surface to them. This is far more common for nail growth than beak growth.

It is very possible that your Parrot is rubbing, but that your Parrot's beak is growing faster than natural /common rubbing is not keeping up with.

Fatty Liver is one the underlining issues that could result in faster beak and nail growth. Commonly this requires a full spectrum blood analysis to determine.

Regarding working on the Beak yourself or having someone not properly trained trim a Beak can result in serious issue very quickly. The root of the Beak is home to a nerve bundle. There is a very fine line between cutting /trimming too much of the beak.

The far south of Ontario is much like many areas of Michigan that require long trips for the care of Parrots. Many are faced with eight to 10 hour round trips.
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Jan 18, 2017

I can recommend Dr. Tucker at the West London Animal Hospital; much closer than going to Guelph. I am not sure what they charge for a beak trim, but it's best to let someone experienced do it.


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Try these avian vet search engines:

Please note the distinction between certified avian vet and a practice welcoming "exotics." The latter does not assure you of advanced avian education and specialized equipment on premises. Exotic can refer to birds, reptiles, fish, etc.

Beak trimming is often accomplished with a rotary Dremel tool. Some birds are cooperative, others require sedation for safety.

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