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Sep 10, 2021
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We (my wife and I) are going to get a Caique within about half a year. Looking for cages we didn't find anything that would really satisfy us, so we are ordering a custom made cage.

Recommended dimentions are easy to search for, but I'm struggling looking for bar thickness. The guy making the cage says he offers only 1,6mm (1/16") stainless steel bars. Are those okay? Do they have to be thicker?

Also I'd really like to know from your experience, if you were to order a custum made cage, what kind of adjustments would you make?


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Aug 21, 2010
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I've not custom ordered before! Aside from bar thickness, spacing most critical to prevent head from protruding. Have you chosen play top or dome top configuration?


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Jul 10, 2015
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Bar thickness comes into place when one has a larger Parrot that has a powerful Beak. For that reason, I have always gone with a bit thicker bar. As stated above, spacing is very important as the last thing one wants to happen is to find that your Parrot can easily place its head between the bars!!

I have always targeted the largest cage that I can "With Easy" quickly wheel out of the room /house. The reason for this is to easy cleaning 'outside' and most importantly: Emergence exiting the Apartment /Home. Basic Reasons: Fire, Evacuation, etc, etc.. Have to disassemble a cage to get it out fast is Not Fun!

Cage Access!! The Primary Cage Door, IMHO, Must be the full height of the cage and at least 18" wide!! WHY: For your easy access into the cage for any number reasons, from the easy removal of your Parrot to cleaning, changing arrangement of the interior of the cage.

We are on the Flat top with the added Play Top side regarding the top of the cage. Dome Tops look nicer, but are far more difficult to clean from the inside of the cage. Never get a Dome Top that opens. This design had injured /killed far to many Parrots.

Assure you get lots of feeding bowls and mounts as they are available now, but may not be next year. We target one full set (four) on /in the cage, one full set in the dishwasher, one full set on the ready, and one full set when one is missed placed, etc. We see that as a minimum.

No Dowels!! Natural shape wood branches (perches) Lots of choices in location.
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Sep 10, 2021
Moscow, Russia
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Definetely flat top, potentially with a play top (but we intend to dedicate a small table as a playground). The spacing is within recommended range for the parrot size: 18mm by 18mm (less than 3/4" by 3/4"). As I've said earlier, it's very easy to find bar spacing recommendations, unlike bar thickness.

Thanks for your advice. If there's anything else that comes to mind, please let me know!

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