Pampering Pippi


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Oct 4, 2015
Verdi - Green Cheek Conure
Pippi - Congo African Grey
We just adopted an older (over 10 y/o) Congo Grey, who was (is?) a plucker.

We're working towards changing her diet and enriching her environment. Thankfully she has a wonderfully amazing personality. I expected a neglected grey to rip my face/ hand off, but she goes to everyone in the house and doesn't bat an eye at perch/ toy changes. (changing her diet has proved to be more of a challenge though :(

Our Avian vet has said that she has seen a 25 y/o grey regrow feathers though, so we are crossing our fingers that she has a hope, although we love her nekid belly and all. :smile015: She is so amazing. I can't get over how smart Greys are. After being home just 24 hours, she learned where my husband hangs his coat, and when he goes into that closet, she makes a zipper sound and says Buh Bye :p

Looking forward to each and every day with her :smile015:

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