Parront Rant: I have a drama king! urg!


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May 9, 2019
State College, PA
Winston 屁撚, the Eclectus. 屁撚 (pi-nian) came from Pinion (Psalms 64, meaning flight feather, typifying God's soaring power.)
Urg! I have a drama king!

Winston has been loving the covid-19 stay home theme, but we had to go out on Saturday afternoon. We put Winston in cage, told him we'd be back around evening and left. When we came home, we saw an empty cage and A MESS!

Trash can was flipped and stuff was eaten. My skincare stuff was knocked down, and this guy ate my chinese herbal medicine and acne cream!!! There were no vet open. My husband took Winston to wash his beak as it was covered in acne cream, and we gave him blueberries in water to encourage drinking. Winston was then put back in cage for a lock down. He was quiet like a dead bird out of guilt. He is NEVER that quiet in his cage. I know it is out of guilt because he stood next to the door looking at us, wanting us to let him out. He smelled like my acne cream the entire night.

Alright, next day comes. We decided to take him out for a walk. We've been working on the harness training, and it was his first actual walk. He had a great time except....drama king was too simulated to poop. He held his poop for an hour or so until we arrive home. Big bomb came while he was in octopus mode. He always morphs into an octopus when we are putting on/taking off harness. Nice bomb for hoomans!

Okay, next day came. The apartment had people working outside on the electrical lines, and they disrupted Winston's sleep. He screamed and screamed since 6 am, so we decide to let him sleep 30 minutes more than usual after things quieted down. Wrong! Winston was PISSED.

Well, I knew he was pissed, but I asked him to step up with a treat as routine. He lifts up his feet if he accepts to step up. If he refuses, he stares at my hand until I back off. That's our cue. WRONG! Drama king lifted up his feet, put his feet on my hand, and BANG! He banded his entire body, wrapped my hand, and bit my lower hand!:eek::eek::eek:
It was calculated to trick me! Do not ever underestimate this green chicken!

Done my rant.

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