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Jan 13, 2020

I have an adult Umbrella Cockatoo, Nemo, who absolutely loves tea. He's been rehomed a few times before we got him, and it seems to be a habit he's picked up in one of his previous homes.

I've been giving him a tiny, cooled cup of chamomile tea every so often because I read that it was safe, and he has an absolute blast.

But does anyone have any other tea suggestions for him?

I think the variety would be good, and getting him to try new things and making it a positive experience has improved some of the issues he came to me with greatly. He's less anxious and approaches new things with curiosity rather than fear, and as a result, has let go of some previous negative behaviours. Also, drinking tea as a 'flock activity' (different cups for the birds and humans) seems to have helped him feel more secure and integrate into our flock.

If anyone has any safe tea suggestions for my little tea lover, I would be very grateful!

Thanks for reading!


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Aug 18, 2017
New Jersey
Levi - 5 yr old CAG

My Levi loves Camomile tea. I offer it to him often as he is a grey & on the neurotic side at times.

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