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Parrotlet Vs Lovebid


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Aug 27, 2015
Green Cheek Conure, Budgie, Lovebird
Would like to hear opinions on both, differences in cage and toy requirements, general care, noise level, and cuddliness, silliness and ease of taming.

Also anything special I need to know about either. I know my profile says I already have a lovebird but I don't yet. I have one picked out that will be ready to come home in 2 weeks but I want to make sure I know everything possible before then, and still want a parrotlet as well so it has been a hard choice.

Unfortunately the bird store here doesn't do parrotlets. She says they don't make good pets but I KNOW thats not true and honestly it irritates me that someone who thinks other small birds make good pets (she even has doves and pigeons) would say that another kind doesn't make a good pet without giving reasons to back up their opinion but thats besides the point :/
My parrotlet is an absolute doll... she isn't without quirks, but all birds have their quirks. They are relatively on the quiet side. Mine is flighted, loves to fly all over and dive bomb.. She thinks its funny when she does dive-bys. Parrotlets will definitely take on much larger birds, which could be detrimental to their own safety. They needs a cage no less the 24 square, with several perches, and lots of toys. Parrotlets love to chew soft wood, grass mats. They have an intolerance to plastic bags, or anything that crinkles, paper etc. They are pretty easy to tame, socialization is a must. Daily interaction is a must or they can revert back to their wild state. Mine loves to be preened, and will lay on her back, but she isn't a cuddlier per say. My girl is 2-1/2.

I can't say much about love birds because I don't and never have owned one. But like cockatiels, lovebirds have an annoying call. Thats just my opinion, and I only say that because I am sensitive to certain sounds. Hopefully the lovebird people will chime in soon.
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I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but does anybody know which is smarter and intelligence levels compared to a green cheek conure? Also can anyone rate noise levels of GCC, lovies, and parrotlets on a scale of 1-10 for me?

I have listened to them on youtube videos but it is so hard to tell based on that. Thank you for your help socalwendy :)
Intelligence has much more to do with early feeding, fledging, socializing, and weaning techniques by the breeder than it does with species when it comes to parrots.
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Okay, thanks Silversage, it seems like no one ever talks about what bird they want based on intelligence but I'm knew so maybe I just hadn't seen it.
I think most don't discuss it, because there isn't a lot of difference in intelligence. There are a lot of typical personality/behavior differences for different species so you are more likely to get more responses as far as that is concerned.

Even among typical behavior of species, individual birds can vary widely from everything from weaning experiences, life experiences and just individual differences.
I have both as pets. I think lovebirds are easier to manage and hang out with, but that may have more to do with my parrotlet being one of the high strung ones. I adore him. but he's a complete little spitfire, and I have to watch him every single second he's out. He is as busy as a bumblebee, into everything, nips pretty significantly if anything doesn't go the way he thinks it should, and is prone to loud tantrums if you aren't meeting all his needs. I know not all parrotlets are like that but, quite a few are. My husband has two parrotlets and they're mellow, easy-going guys (one is from the same breeder); both are well behaved. They stay on their play stations or in the window perch and are . . . well, boring. ;-) My parrotlet is always on the go and he rarely will just sit quietly on my shoulder. He expects, demands, and GETS face-to-face attention, talking, playing games, even head scritches. He is a very high-maintence parrot, probably my "neediest" one. My male lovebird is easy but fun. He is the perfect match for my energy level. He loves to play but he's so devoted to me that I can go work on a document for a couple of hours and he will just take a nap on my shoulder or inside my shirt while I do that. As far as intelligence goes, my little guys (both parrotlet and lovebird) routinely display behaviors that demonstrate they are just as intelligent as my African Grey. You will be amazed, no matter which one you choose. He or she will blow your mind with some of the things he/she will do to show you just how amazingly smart she/he is. Good luck with your choice.
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Parrotlets are night and day more interactive. But they are pretty hyper... and feisty.

But I could be biased, I never had much luck with lovebirds.
I don't have a lovebird but based on the ones I've met, my parrotlet isn't as loud. That said she does have noisy days that she chirps a lot.

She's an active bird who loves attention and causing mischief. She's also nippy.

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