Pellets and food choices for IRN - please advise :)


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Dec 25, 2021
Hi guys,

I want to lend some knowledge from the experienced ekkie owners once again on a highly requested topic: pellets.

So long story short, Winston was just diagnosed with AG (PDD), and the PDD support group on Facebook has been helping me a lot. They are very knowledgeable parrot owners, but they are not all ekkie owners. I was advised to consider pellets for Winston. The reason is pellets are processed to provide complete nutrients in a more digestible form. They said ekkies with PDD should be given pellets regardless of toe-tapping, which can be caused by PDD itself anyways. Oh, and TOPs cannot be considered because it has a lot of alfalfa, which is too fibrous for PDD birds. What do you think?

I am a little hesitant since I'm already ordering Harrison Recovery formula for Winston. Winston seems to be fine on chop for now, but he had become more picky. I have to add either rice mix, oats, or pasta for him to eat his chop. They say fresh produce chopped small is ok as long as not too many fibrous veggies.

I also want to ask how digestible are sprouts and dehydrated fruit and veggies. I sprout myself and chop them small. I also had to remove TOPs from his diet because I found him more aggressive on TOPs. I just ordered a dehydrator to make his dry forage food.

Please offer your thoughts and opinions. Thank you!
Hi there I am dealing with the same problem with my 3 years old ringneck, but I have very much confusion with pellets diets because all have their first 4-5 ingredients like Corn,Soy, Wheat, Peanut, sugar....,etc!! After long search I could find "Organic Life Enhancing Pellets for Parrots" by BirdTricks. Free from Corn, Soy, peanuts, sugar, artificial colors & flavours.
I have made my own birdie bread too, and eats fruits too but not a good greeny leafy lover but I have made my own Nutriberrie Avicake without adding sugar or honey too!
Please advise me about the pellets how good they are because I have did lot of study on all companies because I have other ringneck too and 2 love birds and they are eating back/forth Harrison and top's sometimes lafebare pallets. But with her I don't want to get any chance or risk to giving high protein diet that she couldn't digest easily and get another problem! With the great hope please- please offer your opinion openly.Thank You


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Apr 24, 2018
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If you're already familiar with Top's, that's great. My only issue with them is whether or not your bird will eat them. After 2 years, my ekkie has finally decided he likes them. Only gets a few per day, as ekkie diet is rather complicated, but he's not a fan of greens, so it's a way to get some of that stuff in him. As far as I know, the pellets from Bird Tricks is just re-branded Top's, with likely a higher price tag.
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