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Mar 3, 2021
Hey everyone, I'm new here! :)
I live in a country where pellets are scarce and with covid shipping/importing is a not an option right now. I found this brand of pellets and I was wondering if they would be okay to use daily. Apparently it has eggs in it, the protein content looks good but it's bit high in fat compared to harrisons or roudybush for an example.

The rest of my lovebirds diet consists of veggies (carrot, broccoli, corn, spinach) every day and fruits every other day (banana, apple). Those are her favorite but I sneak in other veggies/fruits when I can. She doesn't really like berries or anything even slightly acidic or sour.
She also eats whole grain oats and a mix of seeds.
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May 15, 2020
I would say yes.

It's an odd thing that we obsess over our birds' diets, whilst eating junk ourselves. I've often felt guilty about my lovebird having a crumb of donut while I eat the whole thing with scant care for my own welfare :)

It's important they get all the nutrients they need; but on the other hand we often ignore that as humans and do ok..! A varied diet representing what might be available in the wild is in itself good, and if you have them eating diverse veggies on a regular basis you're already in a good place.

The main problems with bird diets stem from a very singular diet at the hands of bad owners (which is usually seed-only, as they love them, but they're not a complete diet). They obviously don't have the power we do to pick and choose what they eat; a best-solution really is pellets, coupled with veg, and seeds as a treat. But they'd get the nutrients just from varied veg + fruits + seeds, so the pellets are valuable safety net rather than something to massively stress about whether they have x vitamin in y quantity.


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Dec 7, 2020
The pellet doesn’t look excellent to me. But hey! Something is better than nothing.
Continue giving vegetables and fruits to your bird like you do, you can also try giving your bird sprouted seeds, they are healthy too. :D
When I was stuck in your situation, I gave my bird seed mix as their main diet, along with sprouted seeds and vegetables throughout the day.


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Jul 11, 2018
Umbrella Cockatoo- 15? years old..I think?
has she had pellets before? Just make sure you don't cut her off of what she is used to if these are new for her


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Jul 10, 2015
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Since the vast majority of human grade Pellets are packaged in a nitrogen filled package and if you place the package in the freezer for about two weeks there is nothing that is going to hurt you or your Parrot in that package whether shipped locally or internationally.

With your current diet, you should be adding pellets as a supplement, but that's just my opinion.

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