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That’s easy! The one she eats!
While that might sound overly simplistic at first, it's actually extremely accurate. There's lots of different pellets out there, ranging from quite good to junk food from a nutritional standpoint. Trick is, as stated, your bird may flat out refuse the ones deemed "the best," while others love them. Many of our members have gone through bag after bag of different brands and formulations before finding one their bird will eat.

My personal favorite is Tops, and my ekkie gets a few of them in his dry stuff every day. He finally decided they're acceptable and will eat 6-8 of them a day. Any more than that get ignored or tossed. My YNA won't touch them with a ten foot pole, but she'll eat about the same number of Higgins Intune.

So, yeah. Whatever one they'll eat is better than nothing. The best brand is of zero value if your bird chooses starving rather than eating it. And yes, unlike other animals that might "give in", they will in fact starve before eating foods they don't want.
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