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Apr 10, 2019
Central Minnesota, USA
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I've been thinking of making a DIY PVC tube perch for Callum. Any advice? I had a very rudimentary one before I moved and he didn't pick at the toys too much, he just loved looking out his window. Should I add toys despite his apparent disinterest in them before? How tall should it be?
I'm looking at 1/2" furniture-grade PVC tubes and I'll either put vet wrap or sandpaper on the perches. Callum hates nail clipping and he stays mad at me for a while afterwards.
I was thinking of making one like this one:

As for a shower perch, I think I'll end up doing the same sizes and either gluing down vet wrap or sandpaper. I'll probably do two or three suction cups.
I was thinking of making one like this:,0,300,400_PT0_SX300__.jpg

I live in a townhome (my neighbors don't mind Callum's loudness) and I've been thinking of making an aviary for him. The local HOA doesn't allow me to build outdoor pens for my animals, so the aviary I'd have to make for Callum would have to be brought inside when he's done with it.
Would an appropriately sized-cage work as an aviary for him? Since I live in a townhome, should I be sitting outside with him? I'd put a lock on the cage because I'm paranoid and don't want anyone touching him, and I don't want dogs or squirrels bugging him.
I just want to make sure he is getting proper UV and is getting his Vitamin D. I've read conflicting things on whether or not UV and vitamin D are able to penetrate through glass.

Eventually, I would like to harness-train Callum so that he could go on walks with me. That's a ways off since he is still scared of it.

Callum's cage is open the moment I wake up until when I go to school and then when I get back from school. He does return and eat and drink when he pleases. He loves to look out the window and soak up the sun. His feathers are very shiny.

(Minnesota does get warm during the summer, I'm talking upper 90's in July and August. My relatives down south don't seem to understand Minnesota is snow-less for five months out of the year. I just wanted to clarify.)


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Jul 9, 2019
Well, I don't think that an outdoor aviary because of weathers - I mean, it's not as if the birds live in it ALL the time, right? Who would leave his/her birds outside unattended day and night?
I suggest you a website may be its help you....
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Jan 6, 2014
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I live in Maine, so we have more months below 70 than above. I got him a featherbright bulb for the winter. During the summer months, I put him in his travel cage and take him outside in the direct sun. I don't know about the glass either as I too have read conflicting reports.

I'd never leave any bird outside unatteneded- in an aviary or not. The outdoor animals don't need to 'get at' your bird to do damage. Just scaring them enough could kill them.

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