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Pics of Gemini Leo.


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Sep 7, 2006
Couple of pics of my Daughters Cockatiels Gemini and Leo.

Gemini, Male

Leo, Female.
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They are just loving companions, very loving. When my daughter got them they were supposed to be both male, I had my doubts so went to have them DNA sexed by avian vet. Then along came eggs, well either I had one very clever male or one was female, I opted for we had one male and one female, I was right!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. We separated them at first but they got so stressed out that we put them back together, they've always been together and thats how they liked it, so we just thought we'll deal with things as and when.

We have spent many hours gathering information, reading and learning, I think that we are ready for anything :eek:

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