Pinching and Holding Skin


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May 29, 2022
Ace: Green Cheek Conure
So I have a sweet 6 month old green cheek conure. I have only had him like a month but he is a totally sweetie and we have a pretty good bond already. These past few days he has started pinching small pieces of my skin and holding on to them until i make him stop. He doesnt really seem to be doing it in an aggressive way but he just holds on like for minutes if I let him. I can't really seem to find anything online that sounds exactly like what im dealing with. Most posts seem to mention pinching along with biting and call it aggression but this really doesnt feel aggressive. Any help is appreciated.
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if i comment will it boost this up to maybe get answers
I'm new to parrots but from what I've read, maybe this new behavior is just part of his learning about the world and figuring out his boundaries with you. I'd guess that working on bite pressure training with him would work for this too.

That sounds really adorable though, even if you don't want it to continue/escalate to biting ;)

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