Pippa gives me smooches now.


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Mar 31, 2015
Milwaukee, WI
Blue-Fronted Amazon-Lucy
I adopted Pippa my Blue Crowned Conure a month ago and she has come a long way. She was part of a hoarding situation and was found in a cage outside. When I first got her the only way she knew how to communicate was biting. Now she just bites when she wants to be pet more lol. Well I give her a lot of kisses and lately when I say kiss kiss she will put her beak against my lips and make a smooching sound. She now does this even when I don't say kiss kiss. She was riding in the car with me this morning and she kept kissing me on the lips the whole time. She also knows her name and when I'm not in the room with her she will scream and say "Pippa." She also mimics my dog barking. I was told by the shelter that she doesn't talk but she is learning new words very quickly. There will be pictures to come.


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May 17, 2015
Southern California
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Yea Pippa (and you)! Sounds like you are moving along at warp speed. Keep us updated.

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