Please help me understand my cockatiel!


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Nov 22, 2021
Lia the Cockatiel (could be Liam)
So I'm getting a bit desperate over here. I have adopted my beautiful cockatiel Lia, she's about 1,5 who could be Liam based on all the singing and after molding the face became more vibrant in color, but that is not the point. For the first year I had her everything was great, she had her wings clipped, so while they were growing back she was the nicest. I tamed her as much as I could, so she lets me pet/scratch her, while still being a bit alert, yet she asks for the pets by bending her head, she freaks out when I leave the room and starts flock calling and flying around like crazy, so I do believe she likes me, she always is sitting on my shoulder while I'm doing house work. BUT, she started having the weirdest thing for bags...plastic bags, garbage bags, candy wrappers, she would kick them off the table and walk around them, like she is protecting it, kinda nibs at it from time to time, and she will be around that bag for as long as you let her. Once I just wanted to see how long it will take and it literally lasted the whole day, I don't think she's even eaten that day. I thought it was cute at first, BUT the worst thing about it she attacks everyone who comes near her and the precious bag. God forbid I'll try to take it away she will fly after me and attack me and yell at me. Once it is gone she is back to normal ish, a bit hyped up, but at least doesn't attack. I tried to hide all the bags possible, but now her obsession became our compost garbage bin, and I need to use it throughout the day, however if she puts her eye on it, we are all doomed.
Please help me help her. Thank you for any advise.


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Aug 30, 2021
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Target training, which can lead to some basic tricks, is going to be a great help, since it will take her mind off the bag. And offer a lot of toys, find the types she loves and use them to "replace" the bag. FInally, praise her when she leaves it alone. Avoid forcing her to go without it, unless you have no other option.


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Apr 25, 2020
Replace with a paper lunch bag? At least it would be safe and chewable.

Goofy bird.

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