Please help my alexandrine, feather issues, eats less


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Apr 17, 2016
Hey. I live in an area where people dont believe in pets and we dont have much of vets in our area. I have an alexandrine and he is almost 2 years old now. When he was a baby (i think 6 months old) my brother clipped his wings wrong which stopped the growth of new wings and those wrongly clipped feathers remained in there forever. A month back, somone told me to pull them all out. I did that and now he has got this ugly bump on his arm. And also his feather condition is WORST. His ring stopped growing. His tail isnt growing. In simple words, he is a mess right now and after getting flu, he lost his voice. He only blows air from his mouth. I am attaching some pictures. I dont know what to feed him to make his feathers healthy. Please help me out here!


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Feb 9, 2015
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It looks like his wings were injured pretty badly from that clip. Unfortunately, if the feather follicle was damaged, he may never get flight feathers back. How long ago did you pull out the bases? Feathers can take time to grow back, weeks and sometimes months.

As for his voice, I don't have any advice as I don't have knowledge or experience with that condition.

Regardless of his feathers and voice, he is a beautiful boy and my best advice is to love on him a lot. He is gorgeous just the way he is.


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Apr 17, 2016
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Well Britany, i pulled them out a month back. And no doubt he is an adorable boy and trust me i brought him up like my kid and regardless of his condition, i love him just like i used to. I just dont want him to suffer like that. These new feathers and that bump is making me real worried. Is there anything u can suggest that i can feed him for better feather growth? It is going to take me a month or so to find a vet. Till then, i want to make sure his diet stays healthy, cz lately his droppings are watery and he is becoming lazy.


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May 26, 2015
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A trip to the vet would be the first order of business to rule out any underlying health issues. But since you are working on that, here are some things to consider...
Are you sure he's a male? Females can have a faint, shadow-like ring which may be what you're seeing and why you haven't seen it develop further. But it can take up to three years for a male's ring to fully develop.

As far as the bump, I can't help you much there, but as Brittany mentioned, it could be follicle damage in which case it could be permanent.

Diet most certainly affects overall health and feather condition. What is your baby currently eating? Fortunately, Alexandrines tend to be pretty easy to please and convert to a healthy diet. Clover is by far my best eater and her diet predominantly consists of fresh veggies, fruits, cooked grains/pasta, and My Safe Bird Store bountiful harvest blend. There are several great threads full of tips and suggestions under the diet section on this forum. You can also see the ingredients used in the blend I personally feed for ideas.
D-BHB Bountiful Harvest Blend for Parrots PER LB. - MY SAFE BIRD BLENDS

Good luck with your baby, feel free to ask anymore questions and please keep us updated :)

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