Plexi or Metal Cage?


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Aug 22, 2006
I am looking at buying a Timneh African Grey. The only hold back right now is the cage. I plan on building my own. Be it all metal or plexiglass. I didn't know birds could be kept in plexiglass cages till I saw a few while doing research.

Of course the sellers of these cages praise them to no end for helping keep the birds mess contained and being better able to regulate the birds temperature to ensure health. I wanted the opinion of somone who wasn't trying to make a buck. The points the maufacturer brought up seem very logical but I have never owned a large bird so I'm unsure. The biggest I have had is a Budgie when I was a kid.

It would definately make it much easier and cheaper to make the cage out of plexi glass. It would also allow me to double the size which I'm sure any bird would love. My budgie,Pequito, spent most of his time climbing around the sides of his cage and the big birds I've been around tend to do the same. Of course with plexglass that's not a possibilty. I'm also unsure about the health risks keeping them sealed in a plexiglass box. I would drill plenty of air holes in the top and bottom edges. It would also have several large silent run fans to ensure no build up of fumes from the poo. Although I don't know if that's an issue it would at least help with airflow. I've also thought of building in an air purifier into the top fans to reduce any smoke that may enter. My wife smokes and I know that smoke is bad for them.

So what are your thoughts on metal versus plexiglasss. I plan on having lots of ventilation and stuff to climb on if plexi glass. Of course they would still have just as much to climb on with metal too but ventilation wouldn't be an issue. Thanks in advance. Sorry for the length but I wanted to give as much detail as possible.

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Very informative thank you. Unfortunately none of the material mentioned plexi cages. I have bulit cages for every animal I've owned. From rabbits to reptiles including my first bird a budgie named Pequito. his was easy since I could easily get metal for his cage. An african grey is a whole nother story since they are so strong and smart(I know they aren't incredibly strong but compared to a budgie they are Hercules.) Anyways thanks again and do you have any personal thoughts on a plexi cage?
Personally, Plexiglass seems a bit like a pet store. They almost always are soundproof, and i love when my birds sing. I would say go with the metal, because of my opinion and all the sites, suggest it. Hope i helped!

ALSO i dont like it because the bird can't climb around on the bars!
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It did help, thanks. I am leaning toward a metal cage. I may just buy one to simplify things but I'm still asking around. If anyone else has any suggestions please feel free to reply. I am far from having my mind made up.
Hi there, now my 2 cents worth. I prefer metal, for the simple fact that greys do love to climb about. I understand you would be putting toys and climbing toys in the cage but I'm a metal gal. Don't be too sure about Greys not being that strong, mine can and will and has ripped to shreds things that I never thought he could. I've not got a speaker for my stereo system that is very nearly broken in half. :eek: :D Love him.

Plexi glass, yep it will save all the food from being thrown out side of the cage, but you're also gonna have food and poop all over the plexi glass and thats gonna be a heck of a lot more work than metal. (Just my opinion)

Did I read your post right, you are thinking of building a cage, either out of plexi or metal, wow if so I would love to see pics of them whatever you decide to do.

Oh another thing, Bucc my CAG loves to talk to us just before going to sleep and if we should be doing other things and he can't hear us properly theres a heck of a lot of noise coming from his cage until we go and say night night to him and have a little natter, I'm wondering if plexi glass would cut out a lot of the sound:confused: If so it could lead to a screaming bird:eek: hmmmmmm?

Good luck and let us know what you decide, and when you finally get your timmie please post some pics and info on him/her.

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