Plum head taming process.


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Oct 10, 2021
Plum heads
So I got a new plum head after keeping budgies for 14 years. They weren't really tame, I was young and inexperienced with them but they sure lived their lives to the fullest! Well, I am planing to make my plum head tame. Since I am still new to the process I came here to ask for guidence. I watched a ton of videos but that doesn't come close to getting personal advice from experienced people here. So here is what I've been doing. He is 6 month old he's been at my home specifically in my room where I spend most of my time when I am home. When I leave I always play him some music. I've left him in his cage for about 2 weeks maybe more without trying to do anything with him. Letting him get acustomed to his new enviroment. After that he started singing and playing around banging his toys around the cage ripping them to shreds he had suddenly tons of energy and was shy to wreak havoc while I am in the room. So I took that as key to start taming him in hope of him becoming a really social parrot. First I started sitting around his cage 20-30 minutes a day once he didn't mind that slowly started getting him used to my hand in the cage near him. Took his favourite seed out of the mix for his diet (sunflower) and started only giving it to him when I am trying to get him to eat off my hand. As I've read in bird language food=trust. He was slowly starting to get used to my hand getting closer and closer ocassionaly he would take fast air nibbs in the direction where the seeds were but still couldn't get to take them from my hand. So I have done that for a couple of days still only air nibbs. Started slowly moving my pinky infront of him. Then finally he took some actual nibbs but they were directed at my finger haha. So figured he is hand afraid but long objects far from the main hand are fine. So today I took a long thin sliced piece of carrot. And started feeding it to him. He was reluctant at first but started nibbling after he ate his fill he just started chomping and throwing it on the floor for the fun of it. Slowly but surely he got close to my fingers when I placed it in the palm of my hand he wouldn't go for it and flew away but if I fed it to him using my fingers it was fine. So that's the process for now. Will take any advice really need it. Also am I doing it correctly I really want to make it work with Stevan.

Thank you guys for reading my taming process its lenghty but I wanna get it right so every detail is important to me!

Thanks again!

EDIT: forgot to add he is skittish while I'm moving in my room while standing up but once I am sitting in my chair everything's fine.


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Sep 16, 2021
Hanhs Macaw
Hello and warm welcome to you and Stevan, you are alreadymaking progress and doing well. I am happy for you both, bonding is fun in the process.

I think talking to him, increasing time together and teaching step up and laddering will be the go to step for now.

I say hello to my Emerald as I enter the room. And if I am around in another room she will call, I usually answer that saying yes yes. To let her know that I am close by.
I also say good night every night, after almost a year, she says good night back.

Move the cage to be with you as you read or watch TV or anything to maximize getting used to time.

As for teaching simple commands start with a perch.....for step-up....and later with hand as he get the clues.

Another good basic command is stay and go home. And then poop command to potty train him.

I also share my food with my Emerald, saying yummy yummy yummy every time.
So after learning to perch on my shoulder, she would fly to me. when I say yummy.

Let us know how it goes....

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