Quaker 6 months old white feather?


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Oct 5, 2019
Hi everyone,

I am a new quaker owner and have just recently noticed my quaker is growing some random white feathers around his body and when i touch them they are not as soft as the rest of his body.

Does anyone know what this is?? Please help, i am worried.:greenyellow:

I have attached some picture for yall to see.


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Jan 2, 2018
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Not easy to see in the photo... are they almost like little pins? That is how new feathers grow if so. Nothing to worry about. :) Your buddy will have a case of grumpy and of itchy face most likely.

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Psst: at 6 months your quaker is probably going thru a molt. Similar to a dog or cat shedding, they will peruodically lose old damaged feathers and grow new ones to repplace them. They have a blood supply and are covered with a plasticy flacky covering and grow in like little pins. New featgers are very sensitive and take a lot of protein to grow. Many birds seem a little "off" during a molt. Nothing serious, though, and if you have any doubts your best bet is always an appointme t with your bird vet!

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Aug 2, 2018
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What bug n flock said.
Normal pin feathers, and it is molting time.
Baths will help the pin feathers break down, offer a sturdy shallow dish with an inch or two of water, splash around in it with your hand and he should come running to jump in! Or you can by a new clean spritz water bottle, spray up so a gentle mist comes down on bird.
If the bird allows you can gentle squeeze the pin and it will didolve into powder.
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