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Quarantine question


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Jan 14, 2015
San Antonio
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A separate place is best right. So the tiel I posted about. The lady is getting tired of it. If the owner isn't found soon she is going to give it away. She stated this from the beginning. I have offered to foster it and continue to look for the owner. It is the only bird in the home. If it doesn't look sick when I get there do you think I should attempt a quarantine anyway.

I already know that my mom and kids won't change and or shower between interactions. Also it is impossible to get a separate air flow.

The best i could do is no direct close contact.

What are the criteria for determining if an off site quarantine has been adequate?
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Should I keep them separate anyway since the "new" bird might not be staying.? How long should I keep looking?
Definitely quarantine! Minimum 3 months preferably 6. I would put her in a separate room and if you are worried about family members not being responsible enough to disinfect between birds then I would say the new bird is off limits to them. Could you shut off vents to the separate room? Quarantine is best for the health of both birds.
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Telling them no access won't work. There's only each of our bedrooms a bathroom and a common area.

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