Question about an Air Purifier - Help!?


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May 28, 2016
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Hey guys.. So I have another question. It is getting super close to the time that I will get to bring my baby Oliver home, my new Timneh African Grey, and I have ALMOST everything set up and ready for him, a separate 'quarantine area', a brand new cage already built and ready, a manzanita play tree with toys and etc, a feeding stand and all kinds of other stuff, toys, etc. One thing I don't have yet is an air purifier.. I have one bird currently, Emma, and I know I really should have had one from the get go but I haven't. I am a clean FREAK, and I keep her room literally almost spotless, I clean every day, Windows are almost always open and a fan is on to circulate air sometimes so I really have never seen a vital point in having one as she lets off very very little dander or dust (she is an Eclectus). Now however with our new TAG I already know I need one, but here's my question: I have been looking and researching and reading all kinds of reviews and etc online, and basically hands down the RabbitAir purifiers are considered the best of the best, top of the line units, and are priced as such. From $399.99-$699.99. Now I am happy to pay for one, don't get me wrong, but I was at Costco today getting dog food and I happened to stumble across a 'Therapure TPP 540' air purifier, for $79.99.. Now I know what you guys are thinking, I thought the same myself - you get what you pay for. I was just about ready to write it off as a cheap piece of crap, but I figured I would look into it anyway. Now keep in mind I don't know ANYTHING about these things..but let me tell you, they are getting PHENOMENAL reviews. Everybody loves them. They have UV light, a 'permanent filter' (Hepa) which you just vacuum out every time, and are supposed to be fairly efficient.
Now my question is the obvious. What do I do? Costco has an AWESOME return policy, so if I bought it and didn't like it, I could always return it.. RabbitAir.. Not so much. I also just don't understand if I actually 'need' the 500 dollar+ unit, or if he Therapure will suffice just fine.

If it helps, below are the 'CADR Ratings':

Therapure: Pollen-138 Dust-136 Smoke-128.
Rabbit air: Pollen- 189 Dust-165 Smoke-152.

Sorry for the long rambling post... I just want to get it right!!
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Nov 18, 2015
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When we looked at one it was the amount of air it would circulate in a period of time so you will need to know the size of your room and the capacity that this product is able to achieve. Remember to find out how much working noise it makes as it will drive you and everyone else batty if too loud. Ours has three levels and we choose a lower level which means it is less noisy. Good luck with your decision.

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