Question about baby lovebirds and possible aggressive dad


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Dec 11, 2021
I have lovebirds. The female is nicer than the male..hes always shown signs of Aggression. I got them from a lady who said the female Was laying eggs and lost some of her feathers because of it. Im wondering if that's not the case- instead maybe the male has plucked them. Ive seen him get aggressive but never witnessed him actually hurt her. I did notice that when i shut him in the cage and dont allow him free rein of the house he seemed to calm down.

The female laid several eggs before 4 finally hatched. The babies are being feed well and are growing. But i noticed that 3 of the 4 dont habe feathers on the top of their heads. The mom has no feathers on her chest and around her neck.

My question is has anyone had babies that feathers dont grow on their heads? Is the dad doing this? Do i need to remove him? Im afraid he will loose his mind. His not tame at all. Trying to slowly gain his trust. Any info is greatly appreciated.
Heres a photo to give you an idea of what the babies look like.


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Aug 30, 2021
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I don't have experience with breeding and raising, but how old are the babies? Maybe they just haven't grown in those feathers yet...?

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