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Jun 23, 2021
New York City
Sun Conure and Umbrella Cockatoo
How often in the day or how many total hours do you spend on one on one time with your feathered friends? Is it once for a good amount of time and then let them be? Or is it more incremental throughout the day? Is it just cuddling or interacting in other ways? Feel free to share your schedules or routines with your birds! Would love to hear and have always been curious!


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Sep 7, 2021
Australia, QLD
Astro - violet yellow face budgie (juvenile male)
I usually get Astro up and about with me in the morning. We usually sit by the window sill and watch the sun rise. Then we make brekky and watch TV together. Then he gets his break during the day when I have to work. And then later on I get back home and he gets his outdoor time. Then I put him back so I can have some personal time too. In the evening he comes out and crawls into my hair (his 'man cave') and stays there whilst I walk around doing stuff like helping prepare dinner and all that. He sleeps in there usually. And then around 8:30-9 pm he goes to bed. :) Pretty straight forward but we do sometimes play during the day if I'm not out.
Birds do need their human interaction, as much as they need personal time. A lonely bird is an unhappy one. An overly-stimulated one is a stressed one. Somewhere in between is best!


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Oct 16, 2021
Seoul, South Korea
Koko (green cheeked cinnamon conure gotcha date 5.18 2020)
I usually get up about 7 in the morning I wake him up and refill his bowl or give him chop for breakfast then I go to school and come back around 2 and I play with him for at least 2~4 hours and check his food bowl and clean up his place and It's about 7 when I'm done and I cuddle for about an hour and I let him In his cage to sleep.


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Nov 21, 2021
Peach faced Lovebird
Hello! I was wondering if there is an age that your bird ( lovebird Specifically) should start getting fruits and veggies?


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Aug 2, 2018
Neptune blue quaker (MIA), Ta-dah GCC female, Penny quaker female, Pikachu quaker female!!, Phoebe quaker female, 3 parakeets males, Burt The Burd GCC female RIP
mine are out when I'm home, and we interact off and on all the time. We on average have 3 big cuddle sessions, morning, mid day and afternoon. That's usually all five on me and all but tge budgie( hands off but like to sit on me) I rotate who I'm petting or they all smooch up close and one hand can pet several, about an hour at time for a total of 3 hours. They are a flock, so move together. Sometimes one will need extra love while the others go off. We are all very lovey here!! Ta-dah my green cheek as senior burd decided she wants mommy and me time after everybody else goes to bed. So just her and I cuddle a half hour to an hour . She always talks and grumble a lot for the first ten minutes, like she is telling me about her day.

In morning I set out veggies and foraging stuff, move toys and enrichment around. They spend an hour or 2 at that then come to me. I set out fresh veggies and foraging in the afternoon. I cage them around 6, and put stuff in with them , something different, or a snack they have pellets and seed mix in cage. I'm not perfect about it, but I try and give them something different every night, so they look forward to going back to cage. They are roosting about 730, till 730 the next day.

I usually cage them for an hour after lunch for quiet time, cuz I need it, and I worked on it to be part of their routine

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