Recommendations for second parrot?


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Jan 19, 2021
I currently have a green cheek conure Kiwi but as my previous threads said he has gone through a lot since I got him from the bird shop. He is very tiny and weak but he's the most cuddly and sweet bird ever. He loves to be with us, toilet trained himself and besides for being picky with his food and not gaining weight he's the most perfect bird ever.

I would like to get a second bird in time to come, preferably a medium sized parrot. I've been researching into the species but internet research is so generic and I would like to hear the experiences of the parronts here.

Because Kiwi is very small and needs special attention, I would like to get a bird that would be able to get along and not be aggressive towards him. They will of course have separate cages and I hope to get the second as a young chick so that it will be easier to socialize. What species would be more recommended in this situation?

Another consideration is that my husband gets allergies so it rules out a lot of powdery birds, if not a cockatiel or a small cockatoo would be great. On a side note, with powdery birds, can the allergies be kept under control if they are bathed everyday and have an air filter in the house?

I have in mind mainly the indian ringneck and hahns macaw, but am open to any suggestions, please recommend!
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Aug 21, 2010
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Kiwi's small size and needs do not argue against another bird per se, but must be carefully considered, accommodated, and respected.

A stark reality is no guarantees any two parrots will like or tolerate each other. You may be faced with a situation of near total isolation, particularly if the new and larger bird becomes aggressive toward what it may consider as "weaker competition." Or, you may be fortunate and observe friendship. Another consideration is two birds may closely bond and leave you as "odd person out." Please note I'm simply examining potential outcomes, every situation is unique!

I have no experience with GCCs and toss the question of compatibility to other members!

Dusty parrot allergies can be mitigated by selecting less powdery species, using high quality air cleaner, and frequent bathing. For some folks, occasional meds during periods of high vulnerability are helpful.


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Jul 11, 2018
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Agreed so much with above. Just because you want another bird, doesn't mean your bird will. They could fight, injure each other, mate, become jealous etc--- they could also get along but you don't know that until both hit puberty, so if you are getting a baby, it's a wild-card. There is no way to say how this will pan out, but a larger bird can easily hurt a bird this size (even in a warning bite).

You WILL need to quarantine your new bird for a few months (ideally in a separate air space, as dander spreads deadly and asymptomatic disease which may remain viable for many, many months. This also means washing hands between handling and changing clothes etc

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