Regarding on borna virus (PDD)


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Oct 8, 2016
Anyone having a macaw with Bornavirus? Recently I bought a Green wings macaw from a local bird shop. The macaw was imported. And I bring it back after with for the first couple of two weeks, she doing very well, and eatting well, Recalled train.. after the 2nd weeks she started to vomit for 2 days. And lost of appetite to eat. On the 2nd day I called up my local vets. And book a appointment on the same day. I bring down doctor was doing a screening on my Green wing macaw, first check, my macaw heartbeat was very low.. usally a healthy macaw heartbeat should be around 260 to 280 beats.. but my macaw was around 60 heartbeat.. and feathers having a bad stress bars.. my macaw is just about 6mths plus old.. and doctor did a culture tested.. after I bring back home on medication, doesn't seen to be any improvement after 4days. I decided to bring over to other vets which more specific on birds, and reptile vets.. something which the new Doctor do mentioned that the heartbeat was ridiculously very low at 60 heartbeat.. after doing all the check up, my green wing macaw was warded to the vets for 1 day.. result show that my macaw stomach inside got a couples of metal chips ects.. taken some charcoal to remove all the toxic on her body.. she is very weak, can't even grab my hand probably.. when after discharge from vet, on the same day I bring back home. She is full of appetite to took her favorite food eat alot I'm happy to see that.. but the next working days same don't have appetite to eat solid food and even veggies and fruits.. she only want to be handfeed from syring formula.. after a week her report out was strong positive infected with VIRUS.. the name of the virus was (BornaVirus).. I'm very sad on this.. I really don't know what to do.. which the new doctor was giving her those new medicine really work out and back to active and her weight is gaining back.. right now in the morning I checked her weight was 1.2kg age ard 6mths old coming to 7mths soon.. will taking some solid food, love Apple!! And formula from handfeed she suddenly don't take much as usual.. why???

The new medicine was order from my new vet Doctor was celecoxib.. was mentioned that this new medicine can control the macaw virus? I really hope so, and I really pray hard soon this virus of infection can be cure... Right now my Green wing macaw was female and still Abit weak but must better then previous.. when I try to recall her fly to me, she wanted to fly to me but I think she is weak and don't fly...

Anyone here encountered with this issue????

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