Rehoming Patagonian conure


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Mar 21, 2020
After 3 years of going back and forth on whether this is the right decision for both me and my parrot, Cooper, I have decided to seek a new home for him. I recently lost my other parrot and it has devastated my world and Coopers. I work 3 jobs and travel to Alaska almost monthly as well as internationally for months at a time yearly. Having two birds made me feel like they would keep each other company while my life became more and more complicated. Now that I only have one I realize I am not being and cannot be fair to Cooper in providing him the life he deserves and needs. It breaks my heart knowing I cannot give him what he deserves and I desperately want him to have a home that has the time to provide the mental stimulation and love that a parrot needs!

Cooper is 14 years old, loves belly rubs, fetching, kisses, pasta, and wrestling under covers. He is also pretty moody, loud, and bossy (he's a very typical Patagonian Conure). I am looking for someone who has past parrot experience, is preferably over 30, and owns their home. I am willing to drive within 300 miles of Missoula, MT and could fly with him just about anywhere for a home that was a perfect fit. I am not willing to compromise on his next home, will have a contract, need 3 references (one being a vet).


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May 27, 2020
I am so sorry to hear about your loss! I hope you are able to stay in contact with whoever you rehome too. Wishing your and Cooper well!


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Sep 17, 2021
Minnesota, USA
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I am so sorry for your loss. I do hope Cooper finds a wonderful home. I am so happy to hear that you aren't going to compromise Cooper's well being to just find him a quick home. That's amazing that you are requiring contract, and a vet as a reference.


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Nov 24, 2021
none at the moment but I am looking
Hi there if you are serious about re homing him I would love to have him . Yes I have 3 references and also a vet and also have friends who will vouch for me and being a good parrot parent . I live in south carolina and it is quite nice here . Im 60 and own my own home and Im not going anywhere anytime soon .msg me thanks


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May 14, 2016
Cleveland area
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So terribly sorry to hear of your heartbreaks. If any of the materials in my signature below can help find a happy transition for Cooper, please help yourself.
Best of luck to you, precious Cooper, very best of luck...

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