Reputable Pionus Breeder in the Midwest USA


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Sep 4, 2021
Greetings all,

This is my first post. I’ve recently lost my feathered family member after 25 years. I had my cockatiel since the 2nd grade and he recently passed in his bed after battling kidney issues. While I am not quite yet ready to get another bird, I have been researching both personality fit and breeders and I’m leaning towards a Pionus. Everything I’ve read from owners is very positive and they love how laid back and chill they are. However where I’m running into issues is finding a reputable place to purchase a Pionus. They don’t seem to be a very prevalent parrot in the states. I’m leaning towards either the Maxi or Blue headed, and I have found a couple places that list them for sale but for every place that seems alright I find half a dozen that look sketchy. I live in northern Indiana and I am willing to drive a fair way for the right bird from the right breeder. I have seen some reputable places in CA and FL with birds for sale that ship but I just feel like that would be traumatic for the little guy
So my first question is if anyone has had a good experience purchasing anywhere in the Midwest, and my second is if you have a Maxi or Blue headed what has your experience been with the bird? From what I’ve read they seem great and would be a good fit for my family but more info is always welcome before making what could be a 40 year commitment.

Thanks guys!

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