Ringo the rainbow Lorikeets first week!


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Feb 14, 2018
Ringo, the Rainbow Lorikeet
Myself and my partner have had our lovely little Rainbow Lorikeet Ringo for just over a week now, he seems to be very content and has bonded with us amazingly in such a short time, he loves being handled, is eating well, even has started to sleep on me so we are hoping he is comfortable and happy.
As first time Lorikeet owners there are a few things we would really appreciate advice on:
Should we take him to the vets to have his claws cut for the first time or gain more trust and do it ourselves?

Ringo seems to be getting more used to water, and will drink from the tap and have a tiny splash but not any proper bathing. Weโ€™ve tried a bird bath in his cage, letting him go under the tap, and in a shallow dish. The water is always room temp-warm, but he only seems comfortable when heโ€™s being held so doesnโ€™t want to be set down near/in shallow water. Any suggestions?

We have bought him a lovely big cage so he has lots of room to move about, plenty of toys, bells, a mirror, and we have a radio for him near his cage so if we are out or not in the same room as him he has loads to keep him entertained. He might just be preening but he seems to chew his feathers under his wings and on his back between his wing, but he seems happy, he is vocal when he gets fresh food and treats, or when we chat to him he is very excitable. Thoughts?

Ringo is 15 weeks old, and the breeder we bought him from said to expect his moult at about 4/6months, his wings had been clipped before we got him so when his new feathers grow he will then be flying, is the best way to train him with a clicker and food reward? (I have ordered one) he steps up brilliantly and we donโ€™t even need to vocalise the command. But would love advice on how to toilet train him, at the moment we just have dust sheets and cardboard down for when heโ€™s out, and appreciate that he canโ€™t fly to his cage at the moment to go, but for when heโ€™s flying we would love any tips.

We love Ringo very much and are really happy with how quickly he has bonded with us, but as first time bird parents to a funny little boy full of character we would appreciate any advice or tips on how to be the best bird parents! We have looked online and contacted people for advice but you can never have to much help and ever bird seems to be different so what works for one might not work for us, but we are willing to try!
Thanks in advance from Sophie, Jimmy & Ringo! Xxx

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