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Feb 23, 2021
2 Budgies- Fausto & Romulo
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1 Naked B&G - Rio
I am absolutely obsessed with this parrot :blue1:

She is really starting to open up and some of that shell has
removed. She will talk, talk, and talk.. kind of like me lol

The first phrase she spoke was I Love You. Hello. How are you. laughs.
yells at the dog and calls her by name. Even got mad at the thunderstorm the other day and exclaimed it was too loud.

She is still not interested in veggies or fruits- we still have a few different ones
to try once they are in season. I hope she will enjoy the fresh veggies from the garden soon!!

My only concern is there seems to be a wall up. When it comes to stepping up.
She is genuinely afraid of my arms/hands. But, will continue to take treats from my right hand only.
For me this is so important in order for us to get those nails trimmed and to get to a vet appointment!

I have decided to go back to step one and just hangout by the cage to give treats
I listen to music and study my courses by her cage. I go to different areas ans ask her to perch. Which she does and she will also, spin (she learned that very quickly in one session)

When the cage door is open she does seem more intrigued and she does flock call when I leave the room( we worked on that for a few days and that stopped) She gets excited and happy when Im around her. Its amazing at all the progress she has made for not being handled in many many years. I just hope Im doing everything in my power to give her a fulfilling life.

My ultimare goal is to get her an aviary outside to hangout in when the weather is nice. The fresh air and sunshine would be so amazing for her feathers and enrichment!



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Jul 10, 2015
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It is important to always remember that hands and arms can appear as a snake -or- have a history of striking-out (past history).

- It is never the fault of the Parrot!
- It is always the fault of the Human!
By changing your vantage point, you may see what you are doing wrong quicker and change what you are doing.

In this case, let's assume that you B&G has a fear of your arms /hands and by simply changing their position by bringing them closer to your body, they may become less intimidating to your Mac.



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Aug 21, 2010
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RIP Gandalf and Big Bird, you are missed.
You are making excellent progress with Rio, one never knows full spectrum of a bird's past life and potential abuse or neglect.

Might use Target Training to push past hand hesitancy. Explanation and techniques:

Parrots can be stubborn, dietary changes come slowly. A few tips and the universe of proper food:

Have you tried the "chop challenge?" Prepare two identical bowls of chop, give one to Rio, begin eating from yours. Make "mmmm" sounds, bob your head with delight. Parrots are flock animals and you are member of the family.


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Feb 23, 2021
2 Budgies- Fausto & Romulo
1 GCC - Luca
1 Naked B&G - Rio
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thank you all for the encouragement!!

Im going to check out those links and try to pick up the target training with her again.
Hopefully, soon!!

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