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Oct 9, 2016
Hi! I have a wonderful, spunky little green cheek conure called Ellie. I never thought I would be able to bond with a bird again after I lost my childhood sun conure, but Ellie takes such good care of me.

I recently moved in with my boyfriend who lives in the city. Ellie moved with me and because some days I have to go back home, she has two cages: one here at my boyfriend's and one back at my mom's place.

She was staying at my mother's place because my boyfriend's apartment had to get sprayed by the exterminator.

Being the flustered college kid that I am I managed to leave Ellie's big cage in direct line of the exterminator. My questions are: can I clean the cage? If so, how? Should I just get rid of it?

I just really don't want to hurt my bird.



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Nov 18, 2015
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I think I would

1) Give the cage and everything in it a real good wash down in the first instance
2) Call the Exterminator Company re the chemicals used and ask what the risks are to birds, advice on the cage etc
3) Decide what else is needed based on that information.


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Mar 5, 2016
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I agree with plum, especially her #2. There are just so many different kinds of exterminating chemicals out there, it's hard to say what the potential dangers could be or how best to tackle getting it bird-safe again without knowing exactly what they were using.

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