Scaly mites, or regular canary scales


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Jul 1, 2021
I have 3 canaries that live together in an aviary. Two (red-orange birds in photos) of them are maybe a year old, or young and I’m not sure if they have symptoms of scaly mites or just regular feet. One (yellow bird in photos) has quite bad scales, he is 4-5 years old. I have read that scales like this are regular in older canaries but the scales look a lot like scaly mites too.. Their feet have been like this for a long time and haven’t gotten better or worse.
I went to the vets a couple months ago and they didn’t think it was nessecary to see the birds only my description. They gave me ivermectin solution to drop on their skin which I did, I treated all birds in the aviary. It confuses me that they said only once, but I only applied it once as they said to. There was no visible difference. I have heard you have to apply the treatment twice to get both the newly hatched and adult mites.
They have a variety of rope, bamboo, different textures angles and sizes of natural wood to perch on. They always have fresh water changed twice daily which they regularly bath in. I clean their aviary twice a day. They get a lot of flying time both inside and outside the aviary. They get artificial and natural light and have a natural sun rise and sun set. They are indoors. They are fed in the morning with Roudybush crumbles and a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, and at night with a finch seed mix and sometimes more veg.


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