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Aug 9, 2020
This is my first
I am ready to bring another parrot into our home. My 21 year old Eckie (Dilly- was rescued and had been neglect and abused). He was nursed back to a vibrant loving companion and died suddenly 3 months ago.
I would appreciate some suggestion from experienced members about Figuring out the parrot whose lifestyle fits the lifestyle of retired senior citizen who has lots of time.
Some other background info,;
I know I do not want a large bird like a macaw, cocktoo or a parrot who is very likely to outlive me . Since my husband has a 14 year old cockatiel so I was thinking a different parrot as well.
I look forward to hearing some suggestions.


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Apr 24, 2018
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Oh my! First, my sincerest condolences for your loss of Dilly. My first ekkie, Patches, was also a rescue. 18 years old when I adopted him, and had a very sad past. He quickly became my best friend ever. He passed suddenly as well, so I absolutely understand your loss. Ekkies are truly something special, and just... different. I adore them!

As for suggestions, there's so many variables in the mix. Is another cockatiel an option, or are you looking for something different than your husband? Fantastic little birds. Generally easy going, and loads of personality. Might you consider another rescue ekkie? An adult/senior bird in need of someone who understands them could be ideal, since you already have experience with them, and an older bird is somewhat less likely to outlive you. Even the smaller parrots with good care can live quite a long time. One of our beloved members has a conure that is now 37 years old! My cockatiels years ago lived to 24 and 26, and many surpass that. Considering that, and my obvious personal preference, rescues are the way to go. If you have a rescue organization near you, pay a visit, keep an open mind, and see if one in particular chooses you. They truly know better than we do how to pick their person. You may hit it off with one you hadn't thought of. :)

That is exactly how I came to adopt my boy Patches. Before I met him, I had never even heard of an eclectus, and on top of that, had no experience or knowledge about pluckers. He chose me. Thank goodness he was so determined. I learned soooo much from him!

I Wish you the best in your search. Please keep us posted, and always feel free to ask questions :)


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Aug 2, 2018
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There are no guarantees in life. And so many birds are re homed on Craigslist..many its just something came up, or the realization they are over their heads.. there aren't enough actual parrot rescues, and some people need to recover some of the cost..some I see are neglected,...some are people who had a faimly member pass and are trying to place a parrot . So I think its a good place to have a parrots are nearly all "second hand " parrots abd I wish I could save more....

Quaker are great parrots, but not for people who would have to leave them in a cage most of the day they are too smart, too social, too active and quickly turn to screaming or plucking...I see hundreds being given up ( sold) on Craigslist yeary...or even monthly. Because an unhappy bored Quaker will scream...also some people don't understand how cage protective they are abd think they are just mean..mine are doll baby girls away from the cage, but killer maniacs if I try and put a hand on or in their cage...simple fix I open the door they come out. You might really enjoy one.

Caution on Indian Ring necks, they will revert to wild type and often can not be re tamed...just enjoyed as hands off bird. Most all other species can overcome any loss of trust and blossom in time

But pick the one (parrot of any species) that picks you or you feel drawn too.....truly so many need a new home


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Aug 21, 2010
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My deepest condolences for the passing of Dilly. Unconditional love resulting from rescue ensures you'll pay Dilly's beautiful memories forward.

Lovely suggestions above, have you considered a conure? Extraordinarily popular, common, varied sub-species. Once you've pre-qualified desirable options, consider letting the bird "choose" you. A huge benefit during acclimation phase.


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Nov 22, 2015
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Welcome and be welcomed. I too am sorry for your loss.

An overlooked species these days are Canary or Yellow Winged Parrot (Brotogeris chiriri). Small but with typical ideas that it is as large as a cockatoo, totally fearless, and in the wild, they are noted for actually seeking out human interaction. Ours was a delight, as he loved all the family members, even my kids, and would happily snuggle with anyone. Mine picked me out of a large flock of them, just jumped on my hand, stared into my face and gave me a wolf whistle. Not overly loud, and pretty smart. Mine learned to whistle well and had a pretty good repertoire. Not much of a talker.


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Aug 9, 2020
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Thank you for the wonderful and warmhearted responses.
I do think an older Eclectus is a good choice for me and my husband...
I have been in communication with the parrot sanctuary/ rescue center in my state. They would not allow a visit...but did invite me to fill out a volunteer form: they required that before they allow anyone to "foster" a bird the person must volunteer at the center one day a week for six months.
Given a number of constraining factors I can't make that kind of a commitment which would require me to be away from home [travel time +full day x 30 weeks].
I will keep on seeking😳

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