she eat or play with pellets (video link)


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Dec 7, 2020
I could be mistaken but it looks like the bowl has a lot of ‘pellet powder’ (left after birds crush their pellets to eat). Though I don’t have any experience with Tops pellets. When there is a lot of ‘pellet powder’ in the bowl, birds have a hard time eating, so I would suggest you to refill your bird’s food bowl.
Otherwise, your bird seems to be eating


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Dec 28, 2014
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Hi! TOPS are my JoJo’s daily pellet also! As they get made into dust, I give the bowl a shake or two to bring the whole ones to the top! I would also recommend only a small amount at a time! I really only give him, at best, three or four pellets deep!

Once, there’s mostly dust, it’s time to dump it out!


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Dec 11, 2020
She do this last 1 hour. Yesterday too. She eat or just playing with pellets...or both? THE

edit: quantity is maybe...10-20 grams. For one hour should left empty feeder :D
The the birds have to much food they will roll the pellet in the beak and dust it creating a dish full of fines. They just are wasting the food.Try measuring the amount of food given example( 1 tablespoon) if you fed this and find the bird still grinding there too much food. You can alway add a little more as the day goes on. Anther thing to do is I take the food dish out at night clean them and only place them back in the morning. Bird don't eat at dusk in the wild and don't need to in your home. In nature that bird may not eat every day We tend to over feed and cause all these problems

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