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Sep 2, 2014
I need to ship my 8 year old green wing macaw from Tampa, FL to Los Angeles, CA. I'd like recommendations for reputable transportation services. I will be shipping her between Jan-March 2015. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Jan 19, 2014
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I agree. Delta airlines Pets First is dedicated to shipping pets of all kinds. I think there is one other airline that has a pet program, but most bird breeders ship use Delta. I've had the experience with them several times with no problem at all.


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Sep 7, 2013
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I've heard Delta is the best. They are in a special pressurized area for comfort.


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Aug 21, 2010
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Every modern commercial airliner has fully pressurized and climate controlled cargo holds. Barring mechanical failure, pets are absolutely safe during flight. The primary issue is the chain of custody once you relinquish your pet until the aircraft becomes airborne. Potential pitfalls include extreme temperatures in the waiting areas, and the staging area just prior to boarding and after deplaning. In my experience hot temperatures are most problematic, and many airlines have an arbitrary limit for acceptance. On a hot day the pet carrier may sit by the cargo beltloader and be subject to periods out of conditioning. Cargo holds receive conditioned air during the boarding process, but the door remains open to the elements. It takes a while once the cargo door is closed until the engines are started and a comfortable temperature is reached.

Personally, I would prefer never to ship by air, but would only do so when the origin, destination, and any connecting cities have temps ranging from around 8C/45F to 25C/78F.

(for disclosure, I work for one of the previously named airlines - we try to do an excellent job and have the equipment to do so, but frankly it is only as safe as your good judgment as to when to ship and the employees on a given day. I actually "rescued" a small dog last summer from the ramp and ultimately got permission to carry it below a vacant seat in the cabin)
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Jul 24, 2012
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X2 on United's program. Never had an issue with them. Very friendly staff, just overall good experience!

And what Scott said! Be mindful of the weather at both airports. I do think Delta or United, maybe both will refuse to fly them if the temperatures are too hot or cold, as well. So just keep that in mind!

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