Sick or Hormonal?


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Dec 19, 2021
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Our boy Cornelius is 2 years old.
We recently went away for 1 whole day and night and left him at home.
When we got back Cornelius has become so docile and quiet. So not the normal for him. He now even let's me handle him (where as I couldn't even have my hand in the cage or he'd bit me hard enough to make me bleed). He's only ever liked my husband.

We thought he might have had a hormone change since he's now reached sexual maturity.

But today his eyes were a bit concealed and some of his eye feathers are clumped together like they are wet but they are very hard.

Has anyone experiances this in their bird?

We don't have access to a vet or avian vet near by nearest one is a few 100km away. We live remotely.

Any advice would be appreciated greatly.

P.s. I've added a photo that show Cornelius snuggling into me and his eye feathers for reference.



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Sep 16, 2021
Hanhs Macaw
I am so sorry to say that he is sick, very sick. From the photo, his eating and his poop already reduced, right?

First aid to give him strength and comfort....
1) Prepare a warm solution of water and honey, let him drink on his own. (No syringe feeding with water as aspiration is dangerous.) Every hour

2) keep him warm, in a dark, undisturbed cage

3) take him to the avian vet asap

With details description of his symptoms and anything you can think of may help in correct identification of the cause of his illness. And with this, the right treatment. of his poop
....his food dish
.....your feeding routine
...anything new while you were away

...any spoiled water or food might cause tummy ache....this is easy to treat but will need medication asap
.....any sneezing or coughing.....he might has a flu....treatable with medication
......any broken bone or internal injury from accident will need X-ray and avian vet

it's not a hormone change, which bring out an alerted bird.

birds hide their illness. So when it is apparent, it is very serious. If he doesn't eat any food, not even his favorite food, prepare a warm water add some honey for him to drink. It is crucial that he has strength to keep himself warm.

During traveling, he may feel cold. We must be equipped to keep him warm and dark. My relative lost her bird to cold air conditioning in her car. So, I recommend keeping him in the dark, small, closed warm space.

....small cage
...a hot water bottle
...cover with dark cloth perch in side
...favorite soft toy to snuggle

How To Transport A Sick Or Injured Parrot To The Vet

How to safely transport your sick bird to the vet Q: Since birds are so fragile, if my bird has an accident or gets sick, what is the best way to get her to the vet without making things worse? – Bethany F., Jacksonville, FL A: This is a GREAT question! Birds are fragile, but they are also...

When you meet the reception, be sure to explain that this is an emergency. he already stop eating for days, so that you can be rush through.

Prepare things to tell your vet...
the order of
the development
of her symptoms

Please keep us posted


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Aug 2, 2018
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this is a very sick bird. Please call and get to your avian veterinarian right away. Tell them it's an emergency you need to be seen today .

Keep him caged with easy access to good and water abd and Millett spray and any other treats he likes. Until you can get to the vet to conserve strength
Warmth is important. Move away from windows or outside walls or drafts. Turn up the heat in your home. Warmth is do important for sick burds. Get k abd h cage warmer
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