Sick ringneck?


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Oct 15, 2021
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Hello, today I bought a green Indian ringneck and moved her into my room. She seems rather sick, drooping her head and moving slow. She’s only a few months old. I also noticed she has this strange spot on her beak, I’ll attach an image if anyone knows what it is. Is this a cause for concern? I’m worried she may be sick or have some sort of infection. She’s eating fine but I haven’t seen her drink yet since we just got home. She’s eating very slowly and I can barely hear her eat. She only seems to move fast when startled. She seems to stumble a lot aswell like she can’t hold things with her feet. She holds onto perches while holding onto the cage bars. As of now she’s standing on her perch with one foot. Does this call for a vet visit?


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Jul 10, 2015
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The spot appears to be a wear spot on the upper front bill. Possibly from its use of the cage to steady itself.

It is very possible that your 'baby' Parrot may be starving and needs to be fed Baby Bird Formula and quickly.

Yes, you need to see a Avian Vet, but that could be a couple of days away. I strongly recommend that you return to where you purchased you 'baby' Parrot and get Formula and while you are there have them show you how to feed your 'baby'.
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Apr 25, 2020
I think the spot on her beak might be a bruise from hitting her beak on something.

It’s always good to bring a new bird to the vet to make sure the bird is ok.

I also notice that your bird’s beak is bare of feathers around her nostrils. I think her nostrils should be covered by little feathers so I wonder if maybe she’s rubbing her nose and wearing off the feathers. Birds sometimes do that if they have a runny nose or a sinus problem. I also worry about her ‘drooping head’. Birds that are sick sometimes act like their head is too heavy to hold up, like they’re too tired to keep their head up.

If you think she doesn’t look right I would bring her to a vet soon. Especially if you really think she’s not holding her head up and moving slow. How is she doing today?

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