Skippah and the Profesor.


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Dec 24, 2006
Skipper was the 1st bird I ever got, so I had little to go on.
Since the Professor has arrived I cannot believe the difference in the personality of these 2 birds.
Quiet, reserved, Polite, Doesn't like to be held. Wont leave his perch unless you pick him up and as soon as you put him down or stop patting him, he makes his way back to his perch. He will sit there all day without making a sound, unless he wants a pat. Prefers to be patted when he wants it, not when you feel like giving him one. Doesn't like sunshine, water, kids, or scissors.
The Professor:
Talks to himself all day long. Loves to be held and will cuddle into your cheek if your not patting him. Hates his perch, or should I say, loves being with people. Anyone who enters the room gets a bird on his/her head or arm, depending how quick you are.
He will fly to anyone right now, rather than sit on his perch. If you pat him for too long, he starts crying like a baby.
This flying to people is all very cute, but I worry about it becoming a bad habit that I cant fix later. When he starts crying, I put him in his outside cage with some fresh seed and he will eat solidly for about 2 hours. Then he wants out of the cage and to be where ever you are.
As I said before, Skippah just heads back to his perch to sleep.
They both sleep a lot during the day. I know they notice each other coz they preen and eat at the same time. The little one keeps trying to fly over to Skippah but grumpy guts chases him off every time.
The Professor is a clown and this morning ripped up the news paper before Debbie got to read it. He threw the catalogues onto the floor and ripped up a cork drink coaster it had a glass of water on it. He then chewed on the strap of my camera.

At the same time, Skippah sat on his perch in silence. I bet he was laughing at me on the inside.

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