Summer time safety Q's


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Apr 28, 2015
Tacoma, WA
Tess - 4YO female Blue and Gold
Chico - 13YO male Blue and Gold rescue
So summer is here and in full swing and I find myself concerned over a couple of items I havent dealt with. Heat, and Sun.

Can our macaws get sunburnt if they are outside in the sun too long? Chico is a plucker and has exposed skin, and obviously their faces are exposed skin as well. I really hope this isn't one of the silly questions but I have learned it is better to ask and learn rather than learn the hard way due to pride.

Also, it is unusually hot up here and like most, my house does not have A/C. what is an unbearable heat for the birds? Is a fan moving air in the room best, or a fan that occasionally oscillates towards the cage a good idea?
I open doors and windows all through the house but I'm afraid the air doesnt move through the house very well.

I have seen no signs of heat stress in the birds, I've been watching for panting, heavy breathing, constant loose stool, and general uneasiness out of my babies.

any input, help or advice?


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Oct 8, 2014
North Carolina
Big Bird _ Blue & Gold Macaw
Great questions ! My first summer with BB so not 100 % sure about the sunburn. I was told yes and over 90 temp outside is bad but

I AM 100% sure someone will know and post soon :)

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