Sun Conure Maturity...? Companion...?


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Nov 23, 2015
Helio the Sun Conure
So I'm a new bird mom to a sweet 9 month old Sun Conure.
(We've had him 3 months)
He's an absolute cuddly sweetheart and me and my boyfriend love our little screaming mango.
The only thing I'm worried about is the personality change when he hits maturity.
I was wondering if a companion would be good for him when he hits that age. (I figure another sun conure?) I by no means want to breed birds, but I want him to have companionship of another bird if it'll help him with that personality change at that point.
We'll love him no matter what. But anything suggestions on what we can do ahead of time to prepare would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


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Jan 6, 2014
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Reaching sexual maturity for a sun conure is in and of itself a stressful time for the bird. Often referred to as their "terrible twos" since at 2yrs they hit maturity.

I do know that adding an additional bird (especially after a significant time alone with the bird) can alter your relationship with your bird so that is something you want to consider.

If anything, and this is just a guess, I would think adding another bird (especially around the 2yr mark) would probably just heighten the hormones even more.

If your sun were spending a significant portion of each day alone, then finding ways to allow him to entertain himself while your gone is certainly a good thing to consider (wide array of toys, music on the radio etc) as well as a proper sized cage.

Perhaps others will have more knowledgeable answers - I'm merely basing mine on my own experience and in that I have found that adding an additional bird after having one for a period of years is often a gamble. Not to discourage it, but it's much easier to add another bird when you first get one or shortly after.

PS, your little mango is absolutely adorable!!!

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