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Dec 24, 2017
Sunny the blue and gold macaw.
Sunny tries to feed me 24/7. If I walk by, regurg. If I look at her, regurg. If I'm standing in the hallway and she can see me through the open door on the other end of the house, regurg! When she's sitting on the bed while I draw or watch tv, that's when it get's serious.

Her favorite thing to do is to sneak across on the left side. She waits until my head is down and I'm concentrating on something. If I look up, she immediately halts her bird shuffle and pretends to be looking at piece of lint on the sheet. She waits patiently to strike. I take a brief glance at my phone, then suddenly I look up and there's a macaw on my knee! If my hand is resting near her, she takes her chance and grabs it with a foot, generally holding it up a little, like we're holding hands. Then the regurgitation starts.

I end up with a bunch of gross vomit seed/rice/veggies all over my hand and my side of the bed, and when I move my hand away, I get a pinch between my fingers from a beak and then a SQUAAAAAAAAWWWK!!!! How could I be so ungrateful? Here she is vomiting up her delicious lunch and I'm not letting her feed it to me?? Sunny always gets her feelings hurt (and lets just face it: she's pretty sensitive, so this is like all the time), then retreats to the farthest reaches of my knee and stares at me adoringly. It usually takes 10-15 minutes before she gets tired, and then her eyes start to flutter closed and one foot goes up. Maybe some preening of her chest, or if she's close enough, my shirt, then she drifts to sleep.

This routine is pretty normal. Discovering her love of the Xbox remote was actually an accident. Sunny was being extra beaky one day, and was chasing at the blankets and anything else on the bed (RIP toes), and she went for the Xbox controller like she was going to tear some chunks from it and make it sorry for being in her space! I grabbed it immediately, since it was the Elite controller that is a lot more expensive than the regular one, and she paused, her beak was open and she had angry birdy eyes.

I decided to tap on her beak with the controller to break her out of her raptor pose, and it was like someone had pressed the pause button. She didn't move. She was like a birdy statue, so I tapped her one more time out of pure curiosity, and bam! Instant regurg. I shrugged, thinking she was doing her normal routine, and set the controller on the bed. Immediately she looked at me, then ran over (with her funny birdy run) to the controller, gripped it with one foot, and lovingly regurgitated for it. I thought it was kind of funny, not realizing that it was to become a full on Sunny obsession.

From that point forward, whenever she would see it, she would run to it like it was her old friend, grip it in a taloned death grip (try having her do it to your hand; it's like holding hands with Freddy Krueger), and regurgitate over and over for it, thankfully with most of the bird spit up staying in her mouth. Occasionally I will find little crusties on the joysticks, or maybe a chunk of carrot stuck on the D pad, but that's okay.

The most interesting part about this xbox controller obsession, is that it's only for the Elite one and not for the others. The Elite has some silver on it, while the others are plain black. She also very much enjoys being tapped on the beak with it, and in the midst of any tantrum, the savage beast can be calmed. But there is a catch! Any time the bf has the controller, she instead bites at it and avoids it. He can leave it on the bed for her and she will completely ignore it. The minute I pick it up and tap her with it, she blissfully regurges over and over.

I think she thinks it's my beak! Or an extension of me or something! Either way, she loves her controller. I try to make sure she gets her time with it, since it seems to be her favorite object. :blue1:


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Jun 27, 2017
Baltimore Maryland
Arika - Blue & Gold Macaw
Sunny the Macaw and video games !!!

I wonder how she would do with a flight simulator game.
Just kidding. the fast movement may scare her.

We have to be careful scrolling the screen too fast if Arika is watching YouTube videos with us.

Please keep us posted on your adventures with her. Looking forward to more :)

Kelly, Karl, and Arika


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Apr 14, 2015
Amy a Blue Front 'Zon
Jonesy a Goffins 'Too who had to be rehomed :-(

And a Normal Grey Cockatiel named BB who came home with me on 5/20/2016.
WOW lol...birdies can be sooooo....sighhh :confused:



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Mar 20, 2017
Everett, WA
Bumble - Pacific (or Celestial) Parrotlet hatched 02/19/17
This is hysterical and you are a great story teller [emoji2] Can’t wait to hear more!

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Dec 24, 2017
Sunny the blue and gold macaw.
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I'm just going to use this thread to post random Sunny stories.

Sunny is the biggest flirt ever. And she has a type! Girls! Older women she generally ignores, but any teenager she will immediately crawl up the bars of the cage and start pinning her eyes. If they walk close she will say, “Hiiiiiiiii!” In a high pitched voice and then proceed to hold up her wings and snake her head.

When I first met her, Sunny did the same routine with me when I started talking to her. It was of course what drew me to her because she was so cute and put on a little show. I’m a little older for her taste (ha!), but my hair was blonde when I first met her and I’ve noticed she will pay attention to women in their late 20s and onward if they have blonde or light colored hair.

Also, certain women’s voices. My mom called the other day and I had her on speaker while I was sharing a salad with Sunny. The minute she heard my mom’s voice, she got really excited and walked up to me to look at the phone (she usually tries to bite the phone). I told my mom to say hello to her, and when she did, Sunny pinned her eyes, snaked her head, and lifted her wings.

I live with such a flirt! She's terrible! I have to tell any girl/woman who gets the Sunny treatment not to trust her! The minute she has their attention, she plays it up even more, and of course, being that she's acting so cute, they want to pet her. But it's all a game to Sunny. When they get too close, she goes in like a shark in bloody water and lunges straight for skin and chomps. Hard.

I fell for it too the first time, I am ashamed to say. But I guess it was love at first bite, because once she bit me and I didn't flinch or say ouch (and there was lots of blood, but I wanted her to understand that I wasn't afraid of her beak and wanted to be her friend), and what did she do? She stepped up for me and let me pet her face (which she rarely does even now). I feel like somehow it was a test, and I passed! :blue1:

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