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Jan 12, 2007
Alberta, Canada
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Well everyone I just wanted you all to know that I'm now a Moderator here at the Parrot Forums. Going to try and help Tex out. Please don't hesitate to pm or e-mail me with any concerns, questions, anything at all.

With all that being said I'm taking a vacation to Las Vegas from September 14-21 so you might not see me around very much but I will be back and with lots of pictures.
:eek::eek::eek: .... OOPS! Oh, yeah ...

Hey Everyone, I'd like to introduce our newest Moderator ... TRACY!!!


I know that she will do a very good job around here ... be nice to her, you don't want 'mean 'ole Tex' on your case ...

Be careful and have fun! Don't forget that old saying.. 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and Parrot Forums' So tell us everything when you get home..

Congratulations on becoming a moderator!!!
wow, and this whole time I thought it was "what happens in Vegas, never really happened at all ... " :D

Tracy, I am wishing you "Big bucks and NO WHAMMIES" while you are out there!!
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I will take so many pictures you guys will be sick of them. There are so many parrot stores down there so maybe if you guys are nice I'll get some pictures of a HY or something really cool. :p

Everyone keep your fingers crossed I win big, lol. :D

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