that one time kiwi ate half of my grilled cheese


Dec 15, 2020
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hey :) i haven't really been active on here but i do love talking about kiwi with people with similar interests :eek: so this might be a fun place to put this story in honor of him being nine months old (aww my lil baby :eek:)

First off i'd like to start by saying kiwi is on an extremely healthy diet, and we're a lot more careful now and this was a couple months ago :)
we have it a lot more in control now and our routine has changed.
now that all thats out of the way lets get in to the story :p

How our routine would go was i'd wake up and get kiwi out of his cage, spend some time with him then i'd go get his food ready he'd eat, and i'd eat something too after him. But after a particularly rough night on my part (mental health issues) i slept in a bit, my sister knew i had a rough night so she got kiwi out of the cage and took him out she watched him play, then for the first time in her life something possessed her to make me a grilled cheese sandwich

she left in on my desk brought kiwi back into my room with his breakfast, i was awake at this point due to kiwis very clearly yelling kiwi over and over again and other various very cute but not allowing any room for his parront to get any rest kiwi noises

i didn't notice the grilled cheese, until kiwi flew over to say hello properly and i walked over to my desk with him in order to get some assignments done, then he continues to fly onto the onto the plate and demonstrate how he ate almost all of my sandwich (sandwich was never hot)

obviously i took it away and tried to lecture him but since he knows the way to my heart i couldn't resist giving in the snuggle he wanted :rolleyes:

i was a little worried but he was fine and we made sure it never happened again, me and my sister had a laugh about it later on.

anyways moral of this kind of pointless story :p

protect your grilled cheese sandwiches they are never safe :D
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May 8, 2017
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Syd is pretty good usually but cheese he will kill for. I have to make sure he is locked away and I give him something else to nibble to occupy his mind while I tuck into my lunch. He managed once to get his beak into some when I wasn't looking and I ended up chasing him around the room in an effort to get it out of his beak. He thought it a great game as he perched out of reach. I'll swear he was laughing. Luckily he and I survived the experience.


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Jul 14, 2017
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GCCs are ok with hard, real cheese. I read it in books even and Clark loves it. but not half a should be used as a treat. a little sliver of shredded cheese is good and adds calcium to their diet for the bifurcated beak that needs calcium.

Don't give them fake cheese like cheese wiz. or soft oil based fake cheese stuff thats bad.

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