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Aug 29, 2012
Shropshire, UK
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Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to share a scary time we had this weekend as a reminder that you never know what might happen! We have a log or coal burner in our living room, which is where our birds are. This weekend something suddenly went wrong and the room filled with smoke. We think the soot up the flue fell down. It got really bad really fast. We opened the door for the dog to get out and then took our birds out in their cages.

Both are thankfully absolutely fine, although myself and my husband's chests felt bad for the next day. We were able to react quickly and remove the entire cages so no delay to even get in travel cages.

Just wanted to encourage others to think about how they would do this if needed - although hopefully not. I've never thought about it before, but some of set ups people have are so huge they would obviously have to have a different plan.

Apart from no heat until we get a chimney sweep in and a room covered in soot, everything went well and no lasting damage thank goodness!


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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
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Thank you, for Post this very important part of day to day living. Humans as a group tend to under-estimate the likelihood of an emergency happening to them. And, as a result, live their lives as if nothing will ever happen -- until it does!

The size of one's Parrot and its primary cage is always an issue as the size of that primary exiting door and its alternative is very important to allow a rapid, safe evacuation.

Very happy to hear that everyone is safe.

I'm guessing that the both of you went back in to remove more items and your continued exposure likely is the reason for your breathing issues.

Again, so happy to hear that everyone is safe.

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