The morning grumps


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Feb 24, 2018
I have a budgie, he loves playing with bells and watching me on the computer while i'm drawing. Always making sure to stop in for cuddles every couple seconds he is adorable. His name is tinker.
So in the early morning around 8 i uncover my Budgies cage and he is very friendly he enjoys cuddles and is super curious he likes to step up and come hang out in the afternoons outside of the cage and is adapting good.

Accept one problem he has what iv'e named the morning grumps
He hates mornings, he hates me in the mornings he hate stepping up
he hates cuddles and he doesn't want to do anything.

I'm unsure if it's common for budgies to be grumpy in the mornings
I'm unsure if it's maybe him being grumpy because i haven't been paying attention to him because iv'e been sleeping like all humans do at night.
Or if i'm possibly missing something and i'm doing something wrong.

He normally comes out of the morning grumps and starts chirping and being cuddly and loving again later in the afternoon. So iv'e been respecting his space and trying to leave him alone and sit beside him instead of try to smother him with love in the morning and wait for him to come around.

Curious if this is common what it may be and if others have experienced the same issues with budgies. Is there any thing i could do to make him more happy in the mornings? anything i should change?
Keep in mind this is my first bird iv'e had and the only thing i can think that may be effecting his mood is he is molting i'm unsure if that effects mood?


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Jul 12, 2012
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My amazon is NOT an "early bird" either. If I didn't uncover his cage, I bet he'd sleep in till noon! He's best not to be messed with until after he's eaten his breakfast. Just a quark I accepted a long time ago. I also tend to stay out of my husbands way in the mornings until he's fully awake too:p I'm one of those rare morning people who pops out of bed without an alarm at 4am and is ready to go, but neither of my "men" share that trait!

Sounds like you're on the right track, giving him his space until he's fully awake. Some birds simply don't do mornings.


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Jan 20, 2018
Finley, NSW, Australia
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There must be something to this. We have quite a few parrots. However, none of the parrots seem to be anymore or less grumpy in the morning. However, we also have a rescued Australian Magpie and although she is tame she is extremely grumpy in the morning. It's not until around 12pm~ish that she starts to become more friendly. by evening she is like a different bird. she wants to kiss cuddle, play etc. But first thing in the morning if you even stick your fingers in her cage she will draw blood. lol.

So the parrots get the run of the house in the morning and early afternoon. Yani (The Magpie) gets the house to herself in the second half of the afternoon and evening. I have never tried to let the parrots and Yani interact. Yani can be a little to aggressive and I don't wan't to even try letting them play together. Australian Magpies are quite tough and can be somewhat dangerous (even to Humans) they are very good fighters (Nest Defense) even though they are Insectivores.

I myself am not a morning person but it only takes me 30 to 60 minutes to fully wake up and be my normal self. Yani seems to take something more like 6 hours before she is no longer grumpy and wants to be friendly.

I have often wondered about this and decided today to do some googling and to my surprise a lot of people report that some of their birds are quite grumpy in the mornings. Our Parrots start cheerfully singing and sounding-off as soon as the sun come ups. so yeah, it's quite a mystery. I have finished reading my google search results yet so I am very interested to see if I can find out what is causing this.. I don't know, perhaps "Phenomena"?

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