Thoughts on wing clipping?


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Mar 28, 2019
New England
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... i go to safety for her not to fly into a window, the ceiling fan etc… But now...
Regarding windows. Some might not be willing to do this, for esthetics - along with lace curtains / sheers, i have also sprayed windows and mirrors with water and allowed to dry, creating water-droplet marks and thus more visible to my own birds (who have already been "shown" the windows). Also you can put decorative or translucent stickers on your windows to help your birds see them... again it might or might not work for you.

Regarding FANS. IF you are gonna have your fan RUNNING while your bird is flying, then you are indeed endangering your bird and it might be better to clip her. (IE if it is NEcessary for cooling the air to keep a home habitable in a warm locale, etc.) There are two ceiling fans in my house, which, having once allowed my birds to fly, i determined never to use.

One runs by a chain pulley, which already required a stepstool or ladder to reach, so not a problem.

HOwever my other ceiling fan uses a wall-switch, and my big concern is that I could turn it on accidentally. So, I COVERED that switch with a piece of Washi TAPE. This in no way causes any Actual disablement of the fan, but prevents it from being used Without Thought. Since first doing that, i have only used that fan very rarely (birdies were all secured), and each time simply re-taped it again afterward. I would strongly suggest doing something similar with any ceiling fan in your home, if you are going to allow your bird to fly.

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