Tiel won't get off!


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Dec 8, 2014
So my tiel isn't totally tamed, though he will eat out of hands, out of fingers, and will step up on a stick when told to, usually. He also is totally comfortable walking around you out of his cage, and he hates when I'm not in the room with him.

But theres one thing he does to any human once he is in the mood for it. He will fly on top of peoples heads and NOT LEAVE. You can brush him off, get him on his stick, run away from him for your life, but he will fly after you like sitting on your head is how he stays alive. My hair has been pooped on numerous times because he just won't get off. The only freedom is if you manage to get him back in his cage, which isn't easy since he wont stay on any objects for more than a split second before flying back to your head.

Keep in mind he bites still, not your head, but mainly fingers and sleeves, but on your head he will do the occasional frantic "rubbing his beak all over you like hes biting but not really" thing.

What does this head obsession mean and how can I stop it? :confused:
I think he's trying to assert his dominance. You probably want to put a stop to this behavior. I think you first need to teach him to step up consistently before you can break him from the behavior. Training will also give you dominance, making you the boss of the flock.
That looks like hormonal behavior to me - how old is he?
On your head is the only place he has control over his situation. if he was on your hand or arm you could esaily put him away.
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I can't even open his cage to train him anymore because he just goes directly for my head and won't get off! Its so annoying.. What can I do about it?

He will get up on my finger if i show him treats, but even if he does get on my finger, he will dive for my head again before i can even straighten my arm.

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